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Debbie King - Creative Director

Producer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. Editor.

Creative Director Debbie King is a, writer, producer and director whose 20 year career began as an Assistant Producer for Channel 4's The Big Breakfast. 


Debbie made her name as a creative producer for ITV, Disney, Nickelodeon, BBC and Sky. Debbie has always been at the forefront of creative innovation, developing and pitching new show concepts.  Early in her career she was chosen as a select few to attend the Fast Track TV scheme at the Edinburgh TV festival where she was identified as one of the Brightest young minds in TV.  Debbie then became an Award Winning writer and TV presenter when her show Student Cooking  won a Royal Television Society Award for Best New Media Show.   


Debbie went on to become the co creator and host of Quizmania on ITV1, the UK's first ever Interactive Call TV Show.  Quizmania was an overnight success and was sold internationally with Debbie as a key member of the team. 

She is a skilled editor, videographer & director and has produced her own series of short films and songs for children, which she writes, produces and animates. 


She has also enjoyed a varied presenting career being cast in presenting roles for cooking, motoring, lifestyle and game shows. 




New Media




Debbie fronted and produced Student Cooking. TV which wont the Best New Media Channel in the National TV Awards. 

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